Our Telehealth Solution Areas

Telehealth decreases the cost of care, travel time, facility transfers, emergency visits, and re-admissions while keeping patients in their communities. Overall, telehealth improves patient outcomes and access to definitive, quality healthcare. eMD Telehealth Solutions focuses on the following high-level areas:

  • Disaster - Deploy powerful technology and healthcare to crisis locations.

  • Prehospital / Transport -Deliver the right resource to the right patient and the right time.

  • Hospital - Increase community access to care and decrease cost of care.

  • Critical Care - Expedite access to knowledge and care when time matters most.

  • Specialty Care - Improve quality and consistency of care with easy access to providers.

  • Post Acute - Improve patient outcomes and decrease re-admission rates.

  • Clinic - Conduct efficient patient consultations to gain more time for new patients.

  • Preventative Care - Connect patients and providers to prevent disease and maintain wellness.

End-to-End Telehealth Solutions

eMD Telehealth Solutions provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution which allows you to diagnose, monitor, and consult event the most at-risk patients anytime, anywhere.

  • eMD Integrated Medical Tablet - FDA-cleared device with integrated medical devices for vital signs, cardiopulmonary data, and medical images.

  • Virtual Exam - Connects clinicians and patients with the accuracy of an in office exam

  • Care Central Cloud Services - Intelligent web-enabled software enable clinicians to access, analyze, and manage patients expediting clinical decisions. Provides secure, seamless EMR gateway.


Integrated Peripherals

Our 40+ integrated peripherals provide the same clinical accuracy as in-office, with even the most at-risk patients.